Make Sure Your Child Has a Safe Living Space

Make Sure Your Child Has a Safe Living Space

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Every child needs to have a place where they feel safe, loved and well-cared for. If you're trying to gain custody of your child, an attorney is a valuable resource to have on your side. Barrows Legal Group, LLC offers representation for individuals who are trying to gain custody, regain custody or establish visitation rights.

Keeping matters out of court is always ideal. Speak with Chris about your case today.

Doing what's best for your child

If you and your partner can't come to a mutual decision regarding custody, it's up to the courts. In order to make a decision, the judge will take into account each parent's...

  • Financial situation
  • Living situation
  • Relationship with the child

If the child is old enough to advocate for themselves, the judge may take their wishes into account, as well. Get in touch with our local attorney today to start building your case.